Crisis Support training – provides real life skills

Safe Talk Training Course

Since I started my training to become a crises supporter, I’ve learnt how to deeply connect to a person over a phone, to a total stranger, and understand how to sit with a help seeker in their pain, in those moments of overwhelming emotion, that the silence of listening is powerful – not listening to […]

Push-up with Lifeline North Coast and Eno

Join our Ambassador Ian “Eno” Taylor as Lifeline North Coast launch The Push Up Challenge.  It’s fun and a great way to engage our community in mental health and share some light on conversations arournd self care and how to care for others who need help. Over the month of June, from 1-24 June, the […]

How you can get involved?

Lifeline’s vision is for an Australia free of suicide, and on a local level, you can be part of the solution.  Lifeline North Coast needs the support of like-minded people and organizations to join us at the front line of suicide prevention. Eight Australians die every day by suicide. That’s more than double the road […]

Truckers fundraise thousands for Lifeline North Coast

Truckers Fundraiser more than ten thousand dollars

Our team are so proud to work for Lifeline North Coast where we are seeing the ripple effect of community generosity and support flowing through our region. This week more good news was shared as Brooke Seccombe, sister of Tom Seccombe, who was one of two truck drivers acknowledged in a truck convoy memorial and […]

Introducing our new Lifeline North Coast Ambassadors

Being a Lifeline North Coast Ambassador is an important role in our North Coast community.Our local Ambassadors are passionate about suicide prevention and supporting mental health, they undertake community engagement activities and participate in Lifeline North Coast events and initiatives. This helps to raise awareness of our services and encourages open and responsible discussion about […]