Empowering Communities and Saving Lives

Lifeline North Coast Retails Shops

“Every dollar we raise supports our crisis support and suicide prevention services and importantly, the 13 11 14 Crisis Support Line. Every $39 we raise allows us to answer another call and potentially, save another life. With the high rate of suicide in Australia each year, our work is more important than ever.”

At Lifeline North Coast Retail Shops, our mission goes beyond providing affordable clothing, bric-a-brac, accessories, and furniture. We are driven by the goal of supporting our Crisis Support Phone line (13 11 14), which plays a vital role in saving lives. While we have received feedback from some customers expressing concerns about our prices, we believe it’s essential to clarify our approach. Our commitment lies in offering quality goods at reasonable price points, ensuring that we can continue funding the critical support services that countless individuals rely on in times of crisis. We take immense pride in contributing to the betterment of society, and we unapologetically stand by the business model that enables us to make a significant difference.

Empowering Our Customers with Lower Price Points:

We understand that many of our customers seek bargains, and we are thrilled to offer a wide range of items at various price points to accommodate their needs. By providing affordable options, we make it possible for individuals from all walks of life to access quality products that suit their budget. Our goal is to foster a sense of community and inclusivity, where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Supporting a Lifeline of Hope:

While affordability is essential, it is equally vital to recognise the bigger picture. The proceeds from our retail shops play a pivotal role in funding our Crisis Support Phone line, a lifeline of hope for those experiencing emotional distress or mental health crises. The dedicated volunteers who answer these calls undergo extensive training to provide empathetic and compassionate support to callers. By investing in volunteer training, we ensure that our Crisis Support Phone line remains a reliable and trusted resource for people in need.

The Impact of Fair Pricing:

Setting fair prices for our merchandise allows us to generate revenue to cover operational costs, such as rent for our warehouse and shops, power, and other necessary expenses. By striking a balance between affordability and sustainability, we can continue offering valuable services to the community. A sustainable business model ensures the continuity of our operations, allowing us to have a more substantial and lasting impact on the lives we touch.

Valuing Quality for a Purpose:

While we understand that some customers may desire new high-end items at very low prices, it’s essential to consider the greater purpose behind our efforts. Our primary objective is not merely to sell goods at rock-bottom prices but to create a positive impact on society. By valuing the quality of our merchandise, we maintain our credibility and, in turn, garner stronger community support.

Our team at Lifeline North Coast take immense pride in our commitment to providing affordable goods and fostering a supportive community. Our purpose goes beyond being an ordinary retail store; we are a driving force in raising funds for our Crisis Support Phone line, and community services to prevent suicide and support those who have lost loved ones to suicide.  Our objective is to support anyone facing challenging times. We believe that by understanding the greater cause behind our fair pricing, our customers will not only find value in our products but also in the positive impact they make on society. Together, we can create a better future, one purchase at a time.