Crisis Support training – provides real life skills

Safe Talk Training Course

Since I started my training to become a crises supporter, I’ve learnt how to deeply connect to a person over a phone, to a total stranger, and understand how to sit with a help seeker in their pain, in those moments of overwhelming emotion, that the silence of listening is powerful – not listening to give advice or provide solutions, but to attend to a persons needs of being heard, to express those built up emotions that are sometimes just too intense. Lifeline’s 13 11 14 crisis phone line is answered by volunteers, everyday people who want to help someone through their darkest hour, to prevent a suicide and help them discover their own resilience and strengths. What an incredible service Lifeline offers Nationally. A pure act of unconditional love ❤️ to anyone that needs support.

This training has provided me with the life skills to not only help those on the phone line, but to help support my own family and friends when they need it most.