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Brand ambassadors are people who love our organisation and have a personal connection to Lifeline North Coast's work

The main role of a Lifeline North Coast ambassador is to help tell our story, advocate and fundraise for our organisation.  Our ambassadors are confident at talking about our brand both online and offline: on their own social media accounts, at corporate and community events and via their own networks. The one thing they all have in common is that they embody Lifeline North Coast’s mission and values and are passionate about helping grow our influence by accessing areas and communities that we couldn’t reach without them. 

Ambassadors are crucial to the work of Lifeline North Coast - and we'd love you to join us!

Advocate for the work that we do within your own network and or organisation

Participate and represent Lifeline North Coast at community events

Fundraise to ensure the continunity of the work that we do in community​

Connect us with partners, media and stakeholders to align with and enhance our mission

How do ambassadors benefit Lifeline North Coast?

Our LLNC ambassadors divide their time between online and in-person communications. 

  • Our volunteers are skilled at delivering our mission authentically and confidently to their own networks and organisations. 
  • They are also strong at building good relationships and love having authentic one-on-one conversations with people who are interested in Lifeline North Coast, suicide prevention and mental health and wellness. 
  • Through conversations, ambassadors build solid relationships between Lifeline North Coast and potential partners.

How would joining our Ambassador Program benefit you?

There are also many personal and professional benefits to joining our Ambassador Program including:

  • A sense of purpose through aligning with a cause you are passionate about 
  • Personal and professional growth by expanding your knowledge and confidence, and many opportunities to refine skills in areas like public speaking, event management and fundraising. 
  • Public acknowledgment and recognition of your involvement with Lifeline North Coast which will enhance your public profile and reputation. 
  • A strong sense of personal satisfaction and happiness experienced through giving back to your community and knowing that you are contributing to a cause you believe 
  • By joining us on the frontline of crisis support and suicide prevention, a Lifeline North Coast ambassador can see the tangible impacts of their efforts which can be highly rewarding and motivating. 

Ambassador Expression of Interest

Self Assessment for Ambassadors

Our ambassadors will have an authentic story or connection to Lifeline, mental health, crisis support, or suicide prevention and are passionate about publicly sharing their experience and advocacy.

Whilst we welcome interest from all areas of the community and all backgrounds, when thinking about becoming an ambassador we ask that you consider the following expectations before proceeding to submitting an Expression of Interest:

  1. Are you passionate about raising awareness and talking about suicide, suicide prevention, and helping people experiencing crisis, and are you willing to advocate for it in your personal and professional networks?
  2. Are you prepared to actively promote and share Lifeline North Coast’s mission, goals, and success stories through your social media, blogs, or other platforms?
  3. We require our ambassadors to attend and actively participate in our events, fundraisers, and campaigns. Are you prepared to do this and are you prepared to help with our fundraising efforts by creating your own fundraising events or assisting in promoting our fundraising events?
  4. Are you prepared to create your own or partake in the creation of content that will drive awareness of the work that Lifeline North Coast does?
  5. Are you willing to be involved in the recruitment of crisis support and retail volunteers for the Crisis Support line and Lifeline Shops?
  6. As an ambassador would you be able to help with media outreach, such as securing interviews, writing press releases, or connecting Lifeline North Coast with your own media contacts?
  7. Would you be prepared to speak at schools, universities, or community groups to educate others about Lifeline North Coast's work?
  8. An important aspect of becoming an ambassador is the ability to facilitate connections with corporate partners, donors, or other organizations that share a common interest in your cause. Is this something you believe you could achieve?

We want a lot but we are careful about how much we ask, however, it is important to establish our expectations before discussing your interest further.

If you would like to proceed, please tick the box below to accept your understanding and proceed to fill in the form that will appear.

Please note that we will discuss everything in greater detail before officially signing you up as an ambassador. However, it will make it a faster and easier process if you are interested, to proceed by agreeing and filling in an EOI.

If you would like to discuss this first, please call Angela Martin, General Manager Lifeline North Coast, on 0477 151 145.

I agree to the expectations outlined above

Expression of Interest Form - Please complete to proceed

I understand a personal and professional assessement of my online activity will be conducted
We wish to inform you that it is a Lifeline requirement that we undertake some basic background checks on you. This generally comprises of your personal and professional Social Media channels, and conducting online searches on your name and profile. The level we go to is comparable to what any member of the public has access to. This is to ensure we protect the integrity of Lifeline North Coast's brand values and vision. If you feel you would like to talk to someone before agreeing to this you may still continue to fill in this form and once you submit it Angela Martin, General Manager, will contact you to discuss this further.