Depression comes in all shapes and sizes

There is no doubt depression comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes in waves. It is important to be aware of your feelings and some of the signs so you can seek help if you are feeling out of the ordinary. Some signs could be not wanting to get out of bed, not showering, […]

Lucas Craig – GambleAware Community Engagement Coordinator

Many people on the Coffs Coast will have read the interesting interview in the August edition of Focus Magazine (page 66) where we got to know our new GambleAware Mid and Northern NSW Community Engagement Coordinator, Lucas Craig. Lucas started with GambleAware at the end of May 2023, and since then he has truly hit the ground […]

Panic Attacks can come out of nowhere

A panic attack can feel like a rush of intense anxiety, a feeling like you can’t breathe or cope in a certain time and place. A racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, trembling, chest pain, sweating, shaking or feeling disoriented might suddenly come over you. Sometimes panic attacks are triggered by traumatic events or a […]

Empowering Communities and Saving Lives

Lifeline North Coast Retails Shops “Every dollar we raise supports our crisis support and suicide prevention services and importantly, the 13 11 14 Crisis Support Line. Every $39 we raise allows us to answer another call and potentially, save another life. With the high rate of suicide in Australia each year, our work is more important […]

New Volunteer Photographer for Lifeline North Coast

New volunteer photographer for Lifeline North Coast

Why did you accept the offer to become the official photographer for Lifeline North Coast? Photography has always been a passion of mine so what better way to make use of my skillset utilising it for a fantastic under resourced charity that does awesome things for the community. What does being a Volunteer mean to […]

NAIDOC Week 2023

The GambleAware Mid and Northern NSW team had a very busy week connecting with community throughout NAIDOC week. Members of the team, occasionally accompanied by some of the Lifeline North Coast team, attended the Housing forum at the showground in Coffs Harbour, the ‘Who are you going to call’ forum in Coffs Harbour, Kempsey NAIDOC […]

A letter to our volunteers

It’s been a busy 10 months as Acting CEO of Lifeline North Coast, you may not have met me before, but I encourage you to pop into my office during business hours and say hello, unless I’m in a meeting, I like to make myself available to chat with anyone and answer any questions you […]

Donate for a Cause and Be the Lifeline of Hope!

Your quality, saleable items can be the key to answering a life-saving phone call. At Lifeline Op Shop, each $39 generated from your generous donations goes directly towards providing crucial support to those in crisis. Your act of giving has the power to change lives! As you clean out your closet, sift through your bookshelves, […]

Shop with Purpose and Change Lives Forever!

Every purchase you make at Lifeline Op Shop brings us one step closer to answering a life-saving phone call. With just $39, we can provide the support and guidance one person desperately needs in their darkest hour. By shopping at Lifeline Op Shop, you’re not just finding unique treasures and stylish bargains —you’re directly contributing […]

Answer the Call of Compassion and Make a Difference!

Telephone volunteer

Are you ready to be the voice of solace, understanding, and hope? Become a Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter and be there for those who need it the most in their darkest moments of crisis. Every day, individuals find themselves in overwhelming situations, feeling lost, alone, and in desperate need of someone to listen. As a […]