Donate for a Cause and Be the Lifeline of Hope!

Your quality, saleable items can be the key to answering a life-saving phone call. At Lifeline Op Shop, each $39 generated from your generous donations goes directly towards providing crucial support to those in crisis. Your act of giving has the power to change lives!

As you clean out your closet, sift through your bookshelves, or consider replacing furniture, remember that your pre-loved treasures can have a profound impact. That blouse, those shoes, or that beloved novel can become the lifeline someone desperately needs.

Your donations create a ripple effect of hope. By contributing clothes, shoes, books, bric-a-brac, furniture, and bed linen, you are helping us to keep answering those calls for help. Every item sold finds a new home and transforms into funds that fuel our mission of saving lives.

Together, let’s turn the things we no longer need into life-changing opportunities. Your act of giving not only declutters your space but also helps us provide emotional support, counseling, and a listening ear to those in crisis.

Your generosity can make all the difference in someone’s darkest hour, offering comfort, guidance, and the assurance that they are not alone.