Lifeline Retail Shops – Style Tips

You’ll save lives simply by choosing to shop at a Lifeline North Coast Shop. When you step inside a Lifeline North Coast shop it’s one of the easiest ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and waste knowing your wardrobe is sustainable, but best of all every dollar you spend at our shops goes directly to saving lives funding our Crisis Support Telephone line 13 11 14.

  • Allow suitable time for your shopping experience – All our stores are filled with secondhand items, but we also have a vast range of brand-new items donated from the retail and the local community, so you’ll need to allow time to sort through the racks and shelves to find your items, and bring along some shopping bags to make it easier to load up your purchases.
  • Be Selective – only buy clothes you love. Pick quality fabrics and timeless tailored shirts over buying lots of cheap t-shirts or bargains. These will stand the test of time and a beautiful, tailored jacket worn with jeans will make you feel well dressed for any occasion.
  • Verify the quality of the garment – check the seams are not fraying, and no stains and check the washing instructions. Some types of clothes have very specific washing instructions such as hand-washing or dry clean only. A great pair of leather pants might only cost you $18.00 in the shop but if dry clean only, this will cost you $80 every time you get them cleaned.
  • Research and save photos of looks that you want to create, what colours and shapes suit you? What are the celebrities wearing that you like? Get to know the brands, identify pieces that look good on your body shape, and even show the pictures of your items to the volunteers and staff at the shop they would love the opportunity to help you find what you are looking for or similar.
  • Shop the entire store, not just a section. You may find an oversized shirt in the men’s section that looks fantastic as a throw over at the beach with a big sun hat or be inspired by a beautiful vase that would look perfect in your living room.
  • Be open-minded, you might find a vintage dress that is too big or needs new buttons if you have the time and know-how why not invest in the alterations for a one-off unique outfit.
  • Take a friend with you – make it a fun day out shopping and help each other look for pieces that you are after.