push it real good

Ready to pump up those push-ups for a cause that’s close to the heart? Introducing the Push-Up Challenge 2024!  Join us as we rally behind Lifeline North Coast champions, because why just flex those muscles when we can flex our compassion too?

We’re all about pushing for better mental health – and here’s why it matters: By breaking down barriers and busting stigma, we’re opening up conversations and building bridges of support. With each push-up, we’re not just raising funds, we’re raising awareness, lifting spirits, and strengthening communities.

Whether you’re a lone push-up warrior, rounding up your mates for a sweaty showdown or turning your workplace into a push-up powerhouse, there’s a spot for everyone on our team. Sports teams, work organisations, communities from all ages, races and genders – we’re looking at you! Let’s push boundaries, break records and make a real difference together.

So grab those sweatbands, channel your inner champion and let’s show Australia what it means to push for better mental health!

Let’s get started by clicking GETTING INVOLVED on our TPUC Page. Happy Push-Upping!

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