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Cathy – SBSG Facilitator

What inspired you to become a Suicide Bereavement Support Group facilitator for individuals who have lost loved ones to suicide?  Was there a specific event or personal experience that motivated […]

Depression comes in all shapes and sizes

There is no doubt depression comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes in waves. It is important to be aware of your feelings and some of the signs so […]

Panic Attacks can come out of nowhere

A panic attack can feel like a rush of intense anxiety, a feeling like you can’t breathe or cope in a certain time and place. A racing heartbeat, shortness of […]

The words of a Lifeline Crisis Supporter

Five years ago, I joined Lifeline for the same reasons as many others. A desire to help people, to make a difference, and the belief that everybody deserves to have […]

Shattering the Silence

The Importance of Speaking Out, and Speaking To, Domestic and Family Violence ” The afternoon was much like any other I had had that Summer, pouring drinks and serving food […]

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