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#menTALK Forum Date Change 

We have rescheduled our #menTALK Forum from September 29th to March 2nd, 2023. Community interest in this initiative has been much more significant than anticipated. 

Suicide can be a very challenging topic to discuss. We understand the impact that suicide has on our community, and we know that that impact can be different for each of us. Suicide is a primarily preventable cause of death, and there are many initiatives, resources, and services available on a national, state, and local level designed to prevent suicide deaths. Our website is a fantastic place to find these resources.  

At Lifeline, we understand that any death by suicide is a devastating loss that impacts a wide range of people throughout the community. We acknowledge the grief of those touched by suicide and understand that everyone will have a different life experience and impact from suicide. Some days we may feel okay; other days, speaking or hearing about suicide may impact us unexpectedly. 

“We wish to form a Coffs Harbour based advisory group who will  tailor suicide prevention support program for men in Coffs Harbour. The advisory group of community members will provide feedback on how we can increase awareness and engagement with existing support systems, develop and promote help-seeking strategies for men, and tailor programs and resources to the unique needs of men in Coffs Harbour.” States Miko Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Lifeline North Coast, NSW. 

This event is not suitable for children or those seeking bereavement support. We ask that the community register their interest or support for #menTALK through the form below. 

Lifeline North Coast is part of Australia’s leading suicide prevention service, operating the 13 11 14 telephone line within 40 centres around the nation. The service expects to respond to over one million requests for support this year, creating an average of 120 safety plans to keep a person experiencing suicidal ideation safe every day. 

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