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Accidental Counsellor Foundation

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Date: 31-08-2022
to: 31-08-2022
Time: 09:00
Ends: 17:00
Location: TBA
Accidental Counsellor foundation
Date: 31-08-2022
to: 31-08-2022
Time: 09:00
Ends: 17:00
Location: TBA
All Course Enquiries

Course Details:

Have you ever had to step into the shoes of The Accidental Counsellor? 

The Accidental Counsellor  Foundations Workshop offers a great set of toolbox skills for those moments when you might least expect to be called upon in a counselling or 

caring capacity. In community services work, we may often be the first point of contact for someone in crisis needing immediate  assistance. Even  without  a formal qualification in counselling, a toolbox of counselling techniques and questioning frameworks provides the necessary support 

to clients when they are anxious, angry, experiencing loss or a challenging time in their life. 

What you will learn:

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: 

  • Comprehend how values can get in the way of good listening 
  • Differentiate between effective communication and counselling 
  • Determine the urgency of a situation by utilising appropriate assessment skills 
  • Engage empathetically with others using specific counselling and communication skills such as rapport building, reflection of feelings, paraphrasing, active listening 
  • Develop specific questioning techniques to suit different situations 
  • Identify and respond appropriately to ethical dilemmas 
  • Be ethical in your approach when dealing with sensitive information 
  • Be able to set boundaries and limits yet still maintain an appropriate level of involvement 
  • Appreciate the importance of debriefing and caring-for-you-as-carer after emotionally­ charged interactions. 

Course outcome:

Participants gain a greater understanding of how to communicate more effectively and learn strategies to help foster effective and trusting relationships with clients or peers. In this workshop, we ask participants to reflect on personal values and beliefs and how they influence interactions with clients. How you respond will create an impact on the person in need of support or assistance and often determine the outcome of your interactions. 

This workshop will provide you with necessary skills and tools to be able to step into the shoes of an accidental counsellor momentarily, respond appropriately, efficiently and effectively to people in crisis or distress when there may not be a professional immediately available. You will learn general counselling techniques including different questioning techniques in a given situation and how to de-escalate anxiety. 

Ticket Information

ACF 31.8.22
$ 275.00

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