Learn how to care for others in the community

We run two Training Courses which we consider to be aimed at and suitable for ordinary people in community that come into contact with people, either in a professional or voluntary or simply through involvement with community events.   These Courses are Community Connector for people who are careing in community and Foundations who would have a more formal role in providing care.

Accidental Counsellor Community Connector

What is a Community Connector?

A Community Connector is considered to be a member of the community who has frequent access to other local members e.g. through a work environment or sporting group.

Identified Community Connectors will be trained in the Lifeline Accidental Counsellor information course at no cost, and be equipped to connect community members in need to appropriate local and national services.

Lifeline Accidental Counsellor course is for community members who would like to be able to safely and effectively support someone in distress or experiencing a crisis. It is an open course, with no pre-existing skills or knowledge required.  See dates below:

Accidental Counsellor Foundations

"I recently attended the online Accidental Counselor course and found this such a wonderful and inspirational course-I had so many takeaways from this and found the skills I learnt and practiced in “zoom rooms” invaluable and have already applied to everyday life. The trainer , Liz, really knows her stuff and the course is delivered in an easy going manner even with some topics are “heavy” . It is practical and so helpful when supporting our loved ones in a crisis moment. There is some pre e-learning and then a 3 hour workshop that is interactive and so insightful. With alarming statistics of people suffering from suicide ideation and suicide, especially in our LGBTIQ community we need this! Consider enrolling especially as this is being funded by Lifeline North Coast so numbers are essential and participants need to attend so none misses out.

If anyone you know who is distressed please direct them to Lifeline on 13 11 14
Samantha Dawson
Lifeline Ambassador - LGBTQIA Community

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There are no Accidental Counsellor Training Courses scheduled at this time.  But if you sign up here you will be the first to know once one opens.

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